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Beijing Mixed Hors D'oeuvres
Beijing Mixed Hors D'oeuvres
With a choice of 2 dishes:
(a) Crab (c) Brandy King Prawns
(b) Mussel and King Prawns (d) X.O King Prawns   
With a choice of 2 dishes:
(1) Sizzling Mixed Seafood   (4) Beef in Black Bean Sauce
(2) Sizzling Mixed Meat (5) Crispy Shredded Beef with Chilli
(3) Sweet and Sour Prawns (6) Barbecue Honey Roast Pork
Accompany with:
Fried Mixed Vegetables
Special Fried Rice or Special Fried Noodles

*All prices include V.A.T. and are subject to availability and change